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Customer Reviews And Testimonials

The following reviews for National Marketing Classifieds - NMSell are actual testimonials that customers have sent to us. If you have used our service and would like your testimonial added. Please send us your nmsell.com review by email or by using the contact page.

just to let you know I did sell my 1968 Roadrunner today. I would like to thank you for your advertising because it was your ad that the buyer saw that made him contact me.
I listed on Friday and it was sold Saturday by someone that seen it online. Thanks, I'll be listing a couple more on Thursday.
Brad P. - Omaha, NE
Just to say thank you Kerri for your help in selling our car. I SOLD it on Mothers Day. The person who bought it lives in Kentucky. He came down Sunday with Cashiers Check in hand. My 1941 Willy's was sold in less than 6 weeks!
Cynthia, West Palm Beach
Margaret Jean is a sales representative with nmsell.com. The internet WEB site she represents features Classic Car for sale. Unlike eBay, I was able to talk to a real person who helped me sell my 1968 Ford Ranchero. I want to thank Margaret Jean for her assistance. She handled every detail in a very professional manner.
Joe Squires - Ballwin, MO
Chuck B. - Buckeye AZ
NMSell Thank you for selling my Ford Galaxie. 4 days after our car was put on your service a buyer from Des Monines and bought it with cash! Thank You Again
Don B. - Huntington Beach, CA
Please remove my ad for the Triton VT-16. I have sold the boat. I thank you very much for your help in selling the boat.
Our tree spade recently sold for our asking price. Please take the advertisement down and thank you for your assistance. ALSO, be sure to thank Laurie in the sales department for me. She is who called me out of the blue asking me to post. She stuck on me, and I couldn't be happier with the gentleman to whom we sold the spade. Thanks again,
After you talked to the prospective buyer I sold my 66 Mustang to a to him in Puerto Rico thanks for your help.
Bob - Florida
Thank you for your assistance with the sale of the vehicle.
Jim R. - Moundridge, KS
Thanks for helping me sell my 65 Pontiac I had many calls from your service and will use you again.
John - Minnesota
Please remove my advertisement as my motorcycle has been sold; thanks to National Marketinh
Stephen S - Lee's Summit, MO
Wow! You sold my truck for $15,000 in 5 days! I wish I would of asked a higher price!
Dave - Alabama
Thanks for selling my 61 Chevy, I'm still receiving calls on it.
Ken - Nebraska
I have sold my Regal 2765 Commodore to a couple in Ohio. It was sold from your listing. The only lead I had and I got the lead in a few weeks after listing. It just took a long time, 3 months to close the sale.
Bill G. - Wentzille, MO
Hi Ken, Great news! We sold our motor home this week! I wanted to thank you for helping us with this process. We were very happy with what we were able to sell the motor home for. I appreciate you giving us the confidence to not just sell it for less than it was worth! Thanks again, Kendra
Kendra O. - Northborough, MA
Please cancel ad 4294 since I have sold the car as a result of the ad on your website.
Doug L - Sammamish, WA
Thank You NMSell for seeing my ad in the Pittsburg paper and offering your service to us. What an inexpensive way to get our car sold. We had a buyer from Arkansas purchase our car. Thank You
We have sold our boat! You may remove our add.I want to thank you for all your help in making this happen.
Laurie - East Moline, IL
This afternoon I sold my car to a fellow who saw the car on your ad. Thank you very much for sticking with it as long as you did.
Bob H. - Eagleville, PA
Thanks for helping me sell my firebird, I had to resist selling it out of the country though I did find a seller in Oklahoma.
James - California
Thank you Ken Jones. Will be listing with you again as soon as I make some repairs.
Bob J. -
thanks to you we sold our camper
Boyd K. - Elkins, WV
I sold my 2000 Jeep Cherokee and was very happy with my ad. I received many phone calls, I'm glad they worked with me consistently and honestly.
Bill D. - Higden AZ
jerry pls pull lisying bike is sold thanks for all the help
Barbara K. - Suwanee, GA
Please be advised the 1948 Chev p/u sold today. You can pull the add. Thank you for a good product. I will use it again and advise friends to use it also.
John - Oklahoma
Hey John I thought I would let you know that I sold my bike as of yesterday. If I ever need to sell anything else I will look you guys up. Thank you and happy holidays.
Eric B. - Portland, OR
Hi John, I can't remember for sure if you are the one who I went through to advertise or not, but wanted to let you know that the pickup has sold. It is listing #14957- the 1952 Ford F1. Sure appreciated doing business with you guys. Thanks for everything.
Dusty L. - Ainsworth, NE
jerry ty for the help in selling my bike glad you contacted me and i will refer all my friends to you as well.
Chris D
To whom it my conern, I did sell the Nova on Friday. You can remove my ad now. I would like to say thank you for contacting me about your ad. I will be sure to let my friends know about your company and how well I were treated.
Williard - Ohio
You have helped me sell 2 cars. I have 2 more yet to go. You guys are lifesavers.
Eric - Oaklahoma
Thank you! My motorcycle sold within 6 weeks had calls starting within a few days.
Matt F - Sioux City, IA
I have sold my 1991 TOyota WInnebago, I received lots of calls since using your service.
Elwood - Yankton, SD
Good news the 1985 Peterbilt 359 sold thanks to the ad. Can you please remove from the site?
Thanks for selling my 51 I will now be listing a Cadillac with you.
Thanks NMSell for selling my 1931 Ford Model T Pick-Up I tell my friends about your service.
Please cancel my ad and mark it SOLD. Your ad provided me with my buyer,,,THANKS
David T. - MAGEE, MS
My 55 chevy that I have advertised with you has sold so. I could not have ask for a better response. Job well done.
Ron - Texas
Thank you NMSell for getting my car sold. I received many calls on my car. It sold to a gentleman in Sweden.
John K. - Canby, OR
The truck has been sold. Thank you for your help.
David C. - Oklahoma City, OK
I've sold the car. Thank you for all your help. Please let me know if you could cancel all the ads, because I'm still receiving calls every day. I'm referring a friend to you. Thanks,
Eddie - Florida
Please remove the add from your network of publications the BSA 10 SR is sold nowitssold.com is a great way to sell any thing I'm sure I'll be using you folks again. Thank you very much .
Frank L. - OXFORD, CT
Thanks Nick for calling me about my 98 Jaguar. Your company helped me get it sold in a week. Thanks Again.
Angela - Nebraska
Thank You NMSell for your service my 68 pontica went to Ohio.
Steve - Omaha, NE
My ad can be removed because you sold my truck in 3 days! Thank you!
My RV Sold thanks for your help.
Ken K. - Seattle, WA
I found MJ as a sales person to very professional, knowledgeable, and displayed a real interest in helping the customer through the selling process. I would definitely recommend her.
Will S. - San Francisco, CA
You may remove my add as my bike has been sold and it was thanks to listing with you. I appreciate everything very much.
Wayne L. - Lady Lake, Fl
This car sold on Feb. 26, 2014, thanks to your ad!
George B. - TUCSON, AZ
Rod, The 06 Volvo unit has sold. Thanks for your help in selling this unit. I will defintly use you again in the future.
Chris P. - Medina, OH
My motorhome has been sold with your help. Thank you.
thank you for your assistance on this truck and now it has been sold
Dale B. - Zimmerman, MN
Thanks for helping me selling my Navigator. You can now remove it from your sites
Brent - Arizona
When Bill called about my 67 Corvette to list on his NMSell program, I thought I had nothing to lose. I had been on AutoTrader for a year. 10 weeks later you had my car sold for the asking price of $40,000.